History of Sohar International School - SIS

The vision of the Oman Education and Training Investment (OETI) was to open a school that will complement Sohar University and provide school services to the international community, the lecturers and professors at Sohar University, and the Omani families in the area seeking an international education for their children.
The school was registered with, and licensed by the Oman Ministry of Education as a Global School offering an English medium programme of studies based in the UK Cambridge International programmes of study. 
As a Global School, SIS ensures that, for our Omani and other Middle Eastern learners, the core requirements of Arabic Language and Literature, Islamic and Social Studies are offered, thereby ensuring access to Middle Eastern as well as English speaking Universities around the world.

 The past

SIS opened at our Al Tareef Campus in the 2006/7 academic year. We opened with KG1 - Gr6 classes with the intention to add a class each year. The administration of the school at this time was largely based at Sohar University.
In the 2008/9 academic year the administration of the school moved to the Al Tareef Campus. Our classes had now grown to include Grade 8.
In 2009/10 the school acquired a large villa and area of land at Al Uwainat, in the southern suburbs of Sohar, and started a primary school facility. KG1 - Gr2 classes were relocated there. (The land is currently only about 30% utilized and offers great opportunities for expansion.)
In 2010/11 we obtained authorization from the CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) to offer IGCSE examinations. Our classes had now grown to include Grade 10.
In 2011/12 our Grade 11 class sat IGCSE examinations for the first time.
In the school year, 2012/13, we have introduced a school uniform that will be mandatory for all students, Grades 1 to 11, in February 2013. We have also established this website and look forward to putting the ‘I’ in SIS.

In 2013/2014 we sat our first As level examinations.

 The present

We are entering a huge growth phase and we are very excited about it. We added additional classes in KG 1 and 2 as well as Grade 1.We have introduced Urdu as an additional subject. The Secondary School’s curriculum has also been updated.

 The future

We plan to complete the school’s programmes with CIE A Levels in Grades 12.
We plan to house the whole school in a single campus at Al Uwainat. We plan to be the school of choice for international and Omani families who embrace our multicultural community and global outlook.


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Email Address: info@sis.edu.om