About Us

Welcome to Sohar International School!

The Sohar International School (SIS) is a private, co-educational day school. We currently have 945 students enrolled from our Kindergarten One class (3 years of age) to Year 12 (16 years of age). We are uniquely placed to cater for not only the local market but also International students. We have shown tremendous growth over the last year and we are delighted to accept this challenge to take SIS to the next level

Welcome to Sohar International School, a learning environment that provides a multicultural environment that is conducive to the development of each student’s full potential and equip them to become responsible, socially well adjusted, future citizens, who are capable of making balanced and informed decisions.


Sohar International School serves the Omani and international community.Sohar International School educates students from all over the world regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality, or ethnic background, and helps them to reach their fullest potential intellectually, socially, and physically.

Sohar International School provides an atmosphere respectful of diverse cultures and promotes responsible global citizenship in the spirit of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The school is committed to promoting international and intercultural experiences for its students and maintaining its good reputation as an association, within Oman and around the world.

Sohar International School offers a structured curriculum that ensures students:

Are offered the opportunity to graduate with qualifications suitable for University entrance locally and internationally

Will acquire the means to understand the facets of our changing world, to attain fulfillment, and to contribute to humanity.

Sohar International School provides highly qualified, motivated, caring teachers who support the school’s philosophy and objectives

Sohar International School continuously seeks quality in teaching and learning

At Sohar International School, education goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge:

It encourages curiosity and creativity.
It stresses inquiry, self-discovery and the development and strengthening of individual talents.
It fosters open-mindedness, respect and sensitivity toward the feelings of others, and the development of a sense of fairness and integrity.

Sohar International School encourages students, teachers, parents and administrators to become partners in the learning and growing process.

Sohar International School promotes a positive and reciprocal relationship with educational bodies in Oman at the local, regional and national levels, which takes advantage of the educational opportunities of living in Oman and the GCC.


Sohar International School is under the management of
The Only Accredited Cambridge School offering CIPP/IGCSE/AS Level/A Level in Sohar
The Only Enabling Enterprise Accredited School in Oman