Programme Of Study

Secondary School – Grade 7 – 12 (Cambridge Pathway)

Sohar International School follows the Cambridge Programme of study for Grades 7 to 12. We are an authorized Cambridge Center since 2006.

Grade 7

In Grade 7 we conduct an internal examination called Cambridge International Progression tests in English, Mathematics, and Science at the beginning of the year to access the level of the child. The examinations papers are set by Cambridge but are internally marked by our experienced teachers. After analyzing the results various measures are put in place by our Learning Support Unit (LSU) to provide support to the students.

Grade 8

In Grade 8 we conduct an external examination in the month of March / April called the Cambridge Checkpoints. The core subjects tested are English, Mathematics, and Science. The examination is set and marked by Cambridge. Students are encouraged to appear for the examination as it is a benchmark to see the level of the student on an International basis. After the students complete the grade 8 internal exam they will have a choice to continue with the Cambridge stream or move to the Bilingual (GED) stream.

Grade 9 (IGCSE Stream – Year 1)

If a student opts for the Cambridge stream in Grade 9 they will proceed to the First year of IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Examination). The student has a bouquet of subjects to choose from depending on his/her career requirement. Teachers follow the Schemes of work and teach to outcomes set out by Cambridge. Internal examinations are set which are similar to the Cambridge pattern. Teachers aim to complete 75% of the curriculum in Grade 9. Upon completion of Grade 9, the students proceed to the Second year of IGCSE – Final Year Grade 10.

Grade 10 (IGCSE Stream – Year 2)

Grade 10 is the Final year for the IGCSE’s exit exam. We at SIS always aim high and drive our students to reach their full potential and achieve the best possible grades in these examinations. Before the final exit exam is conducted SIS conducts two rounds of Mock exams to build up the confidence of the students and identify gaps and blind spots. The teachers and students collaboratively work hard and on an average aim to complete 8 to 10 years of past papers.

The students appear for the final exam in the month of May / June and the results are released in August.

Grade 11 / Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level)

After completing the IGCSE examination the students proceed to the Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level). Students can choose from a bouquet of subjects offered by SIS. Students are advised to choose a minimum of 3 subjects.

Grade 12 / Advanced Level (A Level)

After successful completion of AS Level, the students proceed to the A Levels.
The student can continue with the same subjects for the A Levels. They graduate after completing the A Levels and move to acquire admission in Universities worldwide.

Secondary School (Bilingual Pathway – GED Pathway Grades 9 -12)

In Grade 9 the students have the option of choosing the Bilingual – GED stream. The GED stream is the National Curriculum of Oman and is supervised by the Ministry of Education. After completing the Grade 12 examination the students are entitled to the bursaries and scholarships offered by the Government of Oman. These scholarships and bursaries have enabled our students to study in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Our students have greatly benefited from this programme and we can see a positive growth in this area.