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 Documents Required to Complete Admission Application

A Completed Application Form (Application forms are available from the school office, via E-mail, and downloadable as a PDF).
Registration Fee - RO 100 for the 2016/17 academic year
Four recent passport-size photographs, with the learner's name on the back
Birth Certificate of Learner
* If the birth certificate is issued in Muscat, no attestation is required.
* If the birth certificate is issued in a country outside Muscat (except USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or a West Europe nation), the student's original birth certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Oman in that country (we will only take a photocopy of the birth certificate). All birth certificates should be in either English or Arabic (if translation is done outside Muscat, attestation procedure -as above- should apply).
* For GCC Nationals, the above mentioned attestations are not required
Copies of passports of the learner and his/her guardian, showing a valid residence visa – we will want to see the original.
A medical form/immunisation record
Please mention any medical problem which we need to know about to ensure the full safety of your children.
The most recent original school reports from the previous school. Copies of reports from the last few years and relevant certificates etc, are required for older applicants. The most recent report should show the class, date, and results, and if issued by a school in Muscat or GCC countries, it should carry the stamp of the school. A transfer certificate, attested by the Educational Zone, is also required.
For expatriates, the final school report should be attested by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Oman in their country of origin.
The school will make and keep photocopies/scans of these documents and these documents will be the property of the school
 We may require additional information and will get back to you if this is the case. You may have some questions about some of the procedure you have to go through, in which case please contact us either by telephone or email




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Email Address: info@sis.edu.om